Here is another way to get listed in Google within hours. It's quick, easy and painless. This simple strategy can be used by Mac as well as PC users.

In A Nutshell... Here's How It Works

It's simply a search engine strategy that combines the power and popularity of Blogs to get the search engine spiders to visit nearly any Web page you want. A great thing about Blogs is if someone likes what they read, they'll send your Blog link to others or even place a link to it on their web site.

The Blog and Ping technique consists of 4 steps:

1. Build a search engine "spider trap" by creating a free blog on [ ] (they can't resist freshly updated content).

2. Grab a free email account at [ ].

3. Post the main Index page Link to your Optimiezed Web pages you want spidered and indexed on the search engines inside your Blog.

4. Then, just call the search engine spiders to dinner by Pinging the search engines. To "Ping" is like your web site tapping a search engine on the shoulder and saying... "hey, I'm over here".

Pinging lets Dozens of services like search engines know you've created or updated your Blog. Fresh updates increase traffic to your Blog.

Ping your Blog at the link below be entering the URL to your Blog site. Be sure and check ALL the boxes in the "Services To Ping" section:

[ ]

Setting up your Blog

 Getting your Yahoo email (or use one you currently have) should take you all of about 15 minutes to 1 hour. From there it should take approx. 24 hours to get any Web page you want visited by the search engines and indexed, sometimes, in less than a few hours.

Blogging Tips

Blogs are online diaries where the webmaster, or "blogger", can post comments, articles or links to other pages.

When writing to your Blog, it is recommended and easier to be personable. In other words, be yourself and talk like yourself.

You don't need to be ultra correct in the way you phrase what you have to say. In fact, if all you can do is type in a one or two sentences and mention the Traffic Panther web site and add your Traffic Panther Affiliate link, this will be fine.

Search Engines spiders are greedy and Love to gobble up paragraphs of New info... but don't feel you need to work that hard. If you can update your Blog with one or two (4) line paragraphs once or twice a week, this will help with your search engine ranking.

Blogging software makes updating blogs very easy, either through a web interface, by email or using FTP programs. Since blog postings are organized in reverse chronological order, once a new post is added, it automatically moves to the top and the previous post is placed below it. You can literally update your blog wherever you are and from any computer.

Blogs also allow readers to leave comments after each post (although bloggers can disable this option). Readers' comments, however, are what makes blogs interesting, since they allow bloggers to interact with their readers, accelerating the feedback loop and fostering a sense of community.

Blogs are also search engine friendly. Since blogs usually revolve around a very specific topic, are updated often, and provide each post with its own URL, they are uniquely positioned to be crawled often by the search engines and achieve high rankings.

Also, good, compelling comments attract inbound links, which further enhances a blog's search engine relevance.

Blogs are also easily syndicated. Through a technology called RSS (Really Simple Syndication), which comes standard with most blog software, readers can subscribe to your blog, and have your new posts (or an excerpt with a link to the full post) delivered to them through programs called newsreaders (RSS doesn't use email).

There are several good free blog hosts. The most well known is probably Google's Blogger. By signing up with Blogger, you can choose a template, select a few settings, and start blogging in minutes.

If you are new to blogs, I recommend that you sign up for a free Blogger account and give blogging a try.

What Gets Webmasters Linking To Your Blog

Keep in mind short posts don't usually get many inbound links and are harder to index by the search engines. Although you will get ranked with short posts in your Blog, this means that short posts will usually have trouble ranking very high.

On the positive side, if you post relevant comments regularly and send your visitors to useful resources, they are likely to come back often.

The second format, the long post, is usually an article about a specific topic. Instead of pointing readers to other resources, the post itself is the resource. This type of post is more difficult, since not all bloggers have the ability to write long, articulate, compelling pieces.

How To Get Easily Get Well Written Articles For Your Blog

Long, well written articles, tend to attract inbound links and raise the link popularity of the blog where they are posted, therefore they are more likely to rank high in the search engines. To get articles for your Blog... simply do a search for "Free Articles" on most any search engine and you'll find lots of places that posts free articles you can use for free.

Time To "Ping-O-Matic" Your Blog

About Ping-O-Matic

Pinging lets dozens of services know you've updated your Blog and increases your Blog traffic. Basically, Pinging is a "shout-out" to other search engine web sites notifying them you exist. Once get your Ping, they'll send their spiders to index you.

Once you have set up your Blog, you will get a link to it. Once you get your Blog link, Ping it at the sites below:

[ ]

Blog Search Engines to submit your Blog

[ ]

[ ]

[ ]

And Finally....

Each time you Update your Blog (once or twice a week), Ping it at the sites above.

Most of all, have fun with your Blog. Blogging is an excellent way to gain instant fame on the internet. In no time at all you can get addicted to your new notoriety and establish a real live fan club of followers.